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Creating 3D City Space Using 3D Models

Iwane Laboratories, Ltd. furthers Its Scope of Technical Services: Application of New Technology for Creating 3D City Space Using 3D Models

Integration of coordinate

Iwane can offer the service of 3DCG City Space Modeling. The coordinate of each construction and the whole city space has been integrated without any contradiction by applying our new coordinate integration tool "INCO (tentative)" in addition to our 3DPCCI product.

Windsor Hotel
  1. In order to create a new 3D City Space using 3D City Models by the application of 3D PCCI, we first need to capture omni directional street level imagery by driving through the street network of the city using our image data acquisition hardware, Iwane Mobile Mapping System (IMS) mounted on top of a vehicle. The image data collected by our IMS which includes the background topographical structure is the raw source data for creating the "one city space"
  2. With the completion of the image data acquisition phase, we initiate the next phase which is data processing phase. During the data processing phase, we use our own integration software for 3D analysis to integrate each 3D Coordinates with different image data. This process enables us to collect a series of CV Imagery with quite high accuracy. If required, we have the knowhow to integrate the coordinates of aerial imagery with the street level imagery. With our expertise, we can successfully integrate the 3D Coordinates of individual objects and the background whole city to be one coordinate without any mismatch or discrepancy.
  3. To create a 3D Model for a building, we can measure the coordinate of each point of the building and terrain (completely same as the real survey in the field) in the CV Image.
    The 3D coordinates are integrated with the city space without any contradiction, which is due to the complete and correct integration of the 3D coordinates of the building in relation to the background space. Of course, this measurement process is done automatically.
  4. By this ingenious way, we can easily complete "Integration of Coordinate" of each buildings, the background terrain, and also the whole city, so that we never face any serious inconsistency or gap on the 3D coordinate in combining each computer graphics together.
  5. The quality of the 3D Models look very real as we can create very detailed models of structure based on real imagery according to each purpose. We can also make Computer Graphics (CGs) which seem real by using the texture from the CV image of the real world.

You can see the attached Demo movies made after the integration of Aerial and Road videos. You might not believe they are completely Computer Graphics.

Abu Dhabi buildings

CV Technology is unique and there is no other technology similar CV Technology in the world.
Another unique feature is updating the data. We can add or change each model as required because we own the CV integration technology. There are many other options available in the market to create 3D Models, but, there always is a risk the 3D City Space will be distorted as they cannot accurately integrate each of the 3D Coordinates which results in accumulation of errors in terms of coordinates integration. Correction of these accumulations of errors is not easy and very time taking.
Therefore, 3D PCCI, allows very accurate integration and measurement of 3D Coordinates between the 3D City Space and 3D Models. However, such accurate integration of 3D City Space and 3D Models is almost impossible to achieve using other options as they will always face integration errors.

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Success to obtain a high quality texture by the integration of the coordinate between all surrounding video and Digital Camera Image.

PCCI - High Quality Textures

It becomes possible to use the multiple kinds of image sources to make 3D Model by the coordinate integration tool based on our new technology. The 3D coordinate of all surrounding video image can be integrated with the coordinate of other road level video, aerial video, digital camera image and high resolution image to make 3D Model from various combination of each data sources.
Especially by the integration with the coordinate of the high resolution digital camera image, the high quality texture can be obtained to cover the weak point of the all surrounding video image. The improvement of the image resolution and the quality of the texture is improved at the same time.

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Combined PCCI

Windsor Hotel
Success to unify the way to make 3DCG from the different video with the integrated CV Data.

By integrating the coordinates of the CV data calculated from the road level video and aerial video in the same area, it becomes possible to treat the polygon corresponding to the each video as the same object in the same coordinate system, and the texture can be extracted from both of them.

You can see the 3D PCCI model of the Windsor hotel Toya, the venue of G8 Summit 2008, made from the road level video and the aerial video in the demo movie.

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The polygon and the texture can be acquired at the same time from the images directly by using our CVTechnology.

  • User can obtain three-dimensional coordinates directly from the image by clicking a point on the image.
  • The detailed polygon and the textures are generated from all surrounding video image captured not only from street level imagery but also aerial imagery.
  • The matching between the polygon and the texture is perfect and the coordinates accuracy and the reality of 3D CG are substantially upgraded.
  • The range of 3D CG broadened further because of cost effective methods of making such 3D CG.
  • All the image sequences captured in the video can be developed as 3D CG, and the images which have not been captured in the video can also be developed as 3D CG through the coordinates integration technology (released soon) with other imageries and the aerial video, which can be treated like the same image sequesces.
  • Hybrid usage with other technology and our RCG is also possible.
  • It changes from the image to 3DCG in the seamless.
  • Iwane Mobile Mapping System which is the unit for generating this product "3D PCCI" and the multipurpose CV Image is also on sale.
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Demo Movies

  • 27/8 Renewal: Shiodome 3D PCCI Model
  • 04/8 New Movie: Abu Dhabi Buildings
    10 CG Buildings with the detail of the shape made by 3D PCCI technology.
Shiodome ver.2 Abu dhabi buildings Ginza on Google Earth
3DCG Modeling Space ship? Ninja move
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Demo : 3D PCCI "Taiwan" on Google Earth

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  • Left Mouse Button + Drag: Move
  • Shift + Left Mouse Button + Drag: Tilt
  • Ctrl + Left Mouse Button + Drag: Look around
  • Right Mouse Button + Drag: Zoom and Automatic Tilt
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Demo : 3D PCCI on VRML Viewer

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