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ALV Library

ALV Library

Software Development Kit with the libraries to develop 3DVideoGIS application (ALV) of CV Image combined with the existing GIS software


ALV Library is the set of Libraries and Runtime to develop 3DVideoGIS application (ALV), representative application of CV Image (e.g. ALV for ArcGIS), on any GIS platform. CV Image can be used as three dimentional space and the 3D GIS feature (e.g. the measurement in the video, 3D geometry, CG, Attributes and search) is provided. These feature can be connected with the other GIS engine by the API provided, then the complete 3DVideoGIS application which integrates 3D space of CV Video image and 2D space of GIS can be developed.


  • Registration of CV Imaged processed by IMS to GIS.
  • 3D measurement of the coordinates, distance and area of any object captured in the video image.
  • Drawing geometries (Point, polyline, Polygon) and putting Computer Graphics in the video image.
  • All the object data made in CV Image can be registered in GIS data to make 3d Map.
  • The existing GIS data can be imported and displayed in CV Video image.
  • Synchronization and combination of the features between ALV and GIS engine(e.g. Current position of playing movie, Object search, editing attributes).
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