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Iwane Mobile Mapping System


Using the robust and reliable Imaging technology coupled with a high precision navigation system,

Iwane offer an Iwane Mobile Mapping System to capture all the road inventory data from a moving.


With the continued growth of urban centres all around the world, city planners are required to keep up with up-to-date geographical at a faster rate. This has led to the establishment of spatially-referenced Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for a variety of municipal applications. This information, however, is expensive to obtain by conventional methods. But using IMS one can map large area with comparative Low Cost.

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Applications Include

  • Highways - For maintenance and Asset management of road surface and street furniture.
  • High load route - Accurate and rapid mapping of the route clearance for transportation of oversize cargos.
  • City planning - City planner's can use the data for planning and simulation. Add the foreign objects and can simulate the environment.
  • Vegetation mapping and Management : Vegetation and trees are measured and cutting parameters created for utilities and arborist contractors.
  • City Modeling : Using the tools together with the processed data, the polygon with the texture can be extracted from the video and can use for Modeling.


  • Absolute Accuracy : 50mm to 1m (depend upon the GPS quality)
  • Omni directional camera for all surrounding Image : Capable of mapping all (what you see)
  • Easy to use in the field
  • Best of the class software for data processing
  • Output can be directly into DATA using "ALV for ArcGIS"
  • Output can be directly into DATA using "PCCI"
  • Compact and mobile instrumentation for flexible deployment
  • Dedicated support and training center in Japan and Thailand
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System Component

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IMS is equipped with a single GPS receiver and a single camera to detect the locations of the entire road inventory within accuracy of less than meters. Iwane mobile mapping van integrates GPS and the Inclinometer sensor that can be used to determine the position of imaged points and to understand the vertical .Due to the compact system, the kit can be mounted on any kind of car which gives the user flexibility to use anywhere.

Iwane mobile mapping system can calculate the correct position and posture of platform by using Imaging and GPS technology and acquire the spatial data of ground structures located at roadside (attribute information such as position, type, shape, etc.).


Other Shooting Mode (Option) : Helicopter, Cart, Boat

IMS unit will be including the following as below.

  • 360-degree camera
  • Notebook for shooting : data recording PC
  • On-board controller
  • Inverter
  • GPS
  • Image storage
  • Tripod
  • Inclinometer, and cables, etc
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IMS Operational Cycle


IMS provide a task-oriented implementation of mapping concepts. Surveying by IMS consists of three steps, which are essentially the same as for any mobile mapping system.

  • Data acquisition and analyzing 3D space (CV calculation)
  • Positioning of objects in a mapping frame using a photogrammetric workstation
  • Geo referencing of the images using data from the navigation sensors (GPS)

Outline of Iwane's Service

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