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IMS3 Map on 3D

IMS3:Mobile Mapping System[Dual Cam]

IMS3[Dual Cam] will capture image data through omni-directional cameras installed at the top and rear of the vehicle. This Dual system MMS greatly improves measurement accuracy and measurement range.
And, we will launch a highly accurate auto map making software tool termed as [Map on 3D] which is based on the IMS3[Dual Cam].
Image data captured by IMS3[Dual Cam] also be used to create ALV-2 for ArcGIS, Digital Street Scanner-2 (Ortho making Software ),3DPCCI-2 and iiCosmo.

Design Concept

  • Inexpensive yet maintains highly accurate 3D Measurements.
  • It does not require a customized vehicle for mounting. It can be mounted on any vehicle type.
  • The composition and configuration of IMS3[Dual Cam] is simple and stable in terms of mechanical and electrical stability.
  • Simple alignment and does not require much calibration at the site. Adjustments are minimal and fully automated which ensures operational ease.
  • Independent components such as two cameras, angular mounting pole, mounting kit, and GPS device can be assembled at the site.→ Target time 15 minutes to assemble into a complete unit
  • Driving speed during shooting can reach up to 50 km/h → Improved version can reach up to 100 km/h
  • Generator is not required as the unit can be powered from the vehicle battery.
  • Precision relative coordinate and accuracy can be determined during post processing. Similarly absolute accuracy can be calibrated using the GPS and GCP data during post processing phase.
  • Relative accuracy of the camera coordinates: 2 to 3 cm
  • Absolute accuracy is ±2 to 5 cm(post-correction) →Using GPS, GCP
  • After image data acquisition, image data can be processed through coordinates integration and use of maps which leverage the accuracy during post-processing.
  • The picture of the lower camera which is nearer to a road can also be used to confirm road-surface condition such as the crack that is necessary data to maintenance of road pavement.

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IMS3[Dual Cam] system component

Manage and synchronize two 360 Degree Spherical cameras using one PC and capture control software.

High precision hand held GPS device can also be used (optional).

The absolute coordinate of the camera can be calculated during CV processing based on time synchronization between the high precision GPS and one of IMS3[Dual Cam].

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» IMS3[Dual Cam] Accuracy verification

» IMS3[Dual Cam] Road surface crack detection by the camera under

» About IMS

[Map on 3D]

[Map on 3D] is high accuracy auto map making system based on the IMS3[Dual Cam]. [Map on 3D] can detect three-dimensional shape of the road white lines marking directly with high accuracy.

Design Concept

Map on 3D
  • To create highly accurate three-dimensional map and the highly accurate road map using ortho-rectification.
  • The road section processing is automated whereas other areas can be extracted using 3DPCCI (3D model can be created from CV image) in a semi automated process.
  • *Accuracy will vary considerably depending on the conditions. To reference our accuracy claim, we have evaluated relative accuracy in terms of captured data for the width of the white line on a road having 4 lanes.

  • Relative accuracy from the data for width of the white line at the streets having 4 lanes (± 3 to 4cm)
    Total accuracy < Relative accuracy (±3cm) +Absolute accuracy (± 2 to 5cm)
  • During post-processing, the coordinates can be integrated.
  • The complete spherical (360degree) image without any dead angle can be used by the GIS industry besides the Survey vertical.

Data processing method -White lines Detection-

As first, vectorization in the white line about 1m in length. White lines is consists of group of 3D shaped rectangles in the form.

We can align the shape and re-convert this original data to one complete white line in the final stage of data processing.Then integration of GPS/IMU data, aligning white lines, and making continuous white line are performed while making Ortho map, the road plan is completed.

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Measurement accuracy

The combination of frames is sufficient enough to estimate that 3D error (relative accuracy) is around 1-2 cm (our assumption ) on the white line with a width of 15cm.

Possible to process CV image of streets having 4 lanes with high accuracy. If the accuracy is not sufficient in case there are more lanes, we can use 3D coordinate integration.

Going ahead, we will develop Automatic 3D Map which can recognize other feature objects on the streets such as kerb, manhole, rain water mass, pavement side, ground boundary, signal, signboard, and building shape, etc.

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» 【Map on 3D】Accuracy of the relative measurement

» 【Map on 3D】Measurement results of traffic lane width deviation

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