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CV Image

CV stands for camera vector. The operation by which this camera vector is calculated is called CV operation.

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Shooting Process

How to shoot the all surrouning images.

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All Surrounding Image

About All Surrouonding Image.

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Stop Vibration

It can stop vibration in all surrounding image by CV calcration.

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Lock On Display

It is possible to observe it by fixing the object that move, as playing video, to an arbitrary position in the picture frame.

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3D Coordinates

Display of latitude, longitude and altitude data of an arbitrary point.

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3D Measurement

The coordinates at an arbitrary point of any frame can be acquired, and measuring the distance between two arbitrary points becomes possible.

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CG Combination

We can put a CG into a position observed from the already known camera position.

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CV Tag

A three dimensional icon can be put on a target object by a synthetic function of the image and CG.

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CG Composition

CG can be composed on the moving body in real time.

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Comparing the feature points in the real time image from the camera installed in the car with 3D points in CV image as 3D Map, the current coordinates and the posture of the running vehicle can be specified in real time without any GPS.

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