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ALV for ArcGIS


The concept of Active Link Vision

Bring Real World To Your Desktop ALV for ArcGIS ALVforArcGIS

User can capture the real world to its own desktop computer and actively make the linkage for its concern with 2D map, attributes and geo-database in 3D Visualized space. Download ALV for ArcGIS Free Trial

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Integration with ArcGIS

  • ALV and ArcGIS share the Common Geo-database.
  • The database in 2D and 3D environment share the Common Attributes.
  • 2D and 3D objects are managed in the same ArcGIS layer.
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3D Video GIS

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CVTag Real object tag Population of database

User can create a tag and register the attributes of the objects in the real scene.

The real object in the video can be specified with the 3D coordinate and the shape and the attributes can registerd on it.

User can vectorize (digitize) the scene by drawing the 3D geometry (point, polyline, polygon) with 3D coordinate.

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Other Functions

The complete spherical (360 degree) video without any dead angle.

Close interaction of features and data between ALV and ArcGIS. The 3D object is saved and displayed as a feature of ArcGIS.

One click calculation of 3D coordinate (Latiitude, Longitude, Attitude) at any arbitrary point in the video.

3D measurement of the distance, the slope and azimuth in the video.

Inserting the 3DCG inside the video with is useful for scene simulation.

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Advantage of ALV

Advantage of ALV

  • Complete 360 degree Video :
    ALV provides the complete spherical video without any dead angle.
  • 3D Measurement :
    ALV provides one click calculation of 3D coordinate and 3D Measurement.
  • Drawing 3D Geometry :
    ALV provides the possibility to populate geo-database in 3D Video.
  • 3D CG Composition and Tagging :
    ALV provides the capability to adding 3D CG and Tag in the real scene.
  • Real object Specification :
    ALV enables user to specify and identify the real object captured in the video.
  • Information Management in 3D Video :
    ALV provides the flexibility to manage the information with the real scene.
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