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April 1978

Waro Iwane quits Applied Electronics Laboratory, Hokkaido University.

April 1979

Iwane Laboratories, Ltd. established with Capital 5 Million Yen.

November 1980

Capital raised to 20 Millions.

March 1982

Capital raised to 25 Millions.

January 1983

Move to current location, company headquarters.

May 1985

Established Honshu Center in Tokyo (Tsukiji).

March 1988

Developed the Multimedia System with Image in Hokkaido Development Center.

May 1991

Development of Road Video GIS (Ver.1). Completion of Digitalized Road Video GIS.

March 1995

Completion of Digitalized Road Video GIS (ver.2).

April 1996

Capital raised to 30 Millions.

June 1996

Established the laboratory attached to the President’s Office.

July 1999

Completion of Iwane Laboratories Toya Central Research Institute Training Facility.

January 2001

Established Sapporo AI Center.

May 2003

Established Iwane Laboratories, (Thailand) Ltd. as a 100% local subsidiary in Bangkok.

December 2004

Completion of 3D Measurement System of 4Pie Video Map.

April 2005

Introduced 4Pie Video Map to Department of Highways, Ministry of Communication, Thailand.

October 2006

Introduced Active Link Vision to Department of Highways, Ministry of Communication, Thailand.

March 2008

70% of National Highway Management in Japan adopted Road Video GIS.

August 2009

Extend the technical cooperation and grant an non-exclusive license on the patent right and the copyright of CV related technologies to TOPCON CORPORATION.

September 2010

Dissolve the technical cooperation with TOPCON CORPORATION.

December 2011

Release IMS3 : DualCam.

Year 2013

Received award from Japan Geo spatial authority for most advanced MMS software both for desktop ( ALV )  and  Web ( Web ALP ) ;

Year 2014

Received contract award for Nationwide mapping project from Highway department, Hong Kong ;

Year 2015

Released new Web Server ( html5 support ) ;

Year 2016

BMA, Thailand selected Iwane MMS to map Thailand ;

Year 2017

DPT, Thailand selected Iwane MMS to map Thailand ;

Year 2018

Mapped 10 cities in KSA Mapped Plus expressway in Malaysia Launched MMS with LB5+ (one cam and dual) ;

Year 2019

Start Mapping for Nexco,Japan (20,000 Km) and TNB, Malaysia selected Iwane Mobile Mapping

Year 2020

Developed & delivered New MMS (dual cam with laser) for Police Department, Japan and AI/ML (GeoAI) applied to Iwane Mobile Mapping Data



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