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ALV for Smart Phone


ALV for Smart Phone

for browse data on handheld devices


ALV for Smartphone

“View Mobile Mapping data on your Smartphone”


ALV for Smartphone is a dedicated application to browse MMS data (geo panorama’s) on to mobile phones. We developed app for on old version of operation systems in the past and now enhancing, making it compatible to run with the latest OS on android, OS (iPhone /iPad) and tablet (windows). In order to browse geo panoramas on to mobile, one need to connect with MMS data content. The content can be hosted by using Web ALP server and a user just need an app on smart phone.




Using the ALV for mobile, you can publish mobile mapping content to share over the internet to web browsers, to mobile devices, to embedded viewers and integrations in enterprise or customer's workflows.




Key Features

■ Find geo panorama’s by Map;

■ Click on the map and jump to the closest geo panorama ;

■ Drop pin on the map  to select geo panorama’s;

■ View geo panorama’s in portrait and landscape mode;

■ Fluent and intuitive scroll, pan, tilt, zoom;

■ Field of view display on Map ;

■ Measure a position inside geo panorama and geo tag ;

■ Measure a distance between and across geo panorama’s ;

■ Easily navigation between the images;

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